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BlockMembers has been created to allow the public to participate in the formation of the Auto-Construction ecosystem through the purchase of Member Placements (tokens) and benefit from the growth of global demand and expansion.

AECROS stands for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Real-Estate Operating System, and is the basis of the Auto-Construction operation. This is a collaborative effort from global entities around the world and consists of pre-manufactured blocks that allow for versatile construction designs.

Auto-Construction is the future of construction. Think homes built by robots that will eliminate unnecessary waste while building homes that are more affordable and withstand environmental disasters such as hurricanes and forest fires.

Currently we are open for Member Placement purchases directly on our website for the following continents: India, Europe, Asia, and South America. Participants from USA, Canada, and Macedonia may only participate under specific exemption rules. For those in the except regions, please Contact Us to speak with a legal representative.

A Member Placement (MP) is the first tokenized membership to represent the new industry of Auto-Construction and represents housing availability, shelter, physical security, and financial freedom.

Once you have become a registered affiliate with Block Members you can access the campaigns through the Merchant Panel in Post Affiliate Pro. Each campaign is assigned a unique ID recorded by our software. Affiliates can market these campaigns and all new referrals will be recorded by Block Members. Upon new referral purchases Block Members will provide bonuses to each affiliate.

The MP is an ERC20 Token.

There are 120 Million MPs available for purchase.

Member Placement purchasing amount starts at $100USD which will give a buyer 1000 MPs (each MP = $0.10USD).

Membership rewards include right to trade blocks, right to buy or sell homes, the MPs enable business activities, build project seniority, personal wealth, access to cost reduced home financing and are quite limited when the size and population of the world and demand for homes are taken into consideration.

As the network grows through project developments, the Memberships gain value due to global demand and sales. As sales increase, memberships increase in value.

The Block Exchange (BEX) is a Decentralized Block trading platform designed to allow members to trade. Members can build holdings until they achieve desired buildings and may take delivery of these building units and buildings in the future. It is imagined that a majority of these buildings will be homes, but almost any conceivable building may be built.

MBU is a physical block with a smart contract on the blockchain. The digital twin aspect is for architectural design software and the engineering design library. The block enables AECROS to streamline and integrate all these areas physically and digitally. The consistent, predictable nature of the MBU enables it to: be utilized in the design stage/monetized and traded on exchange/ enable robotic handling on site. This is how AECROS automates construction and finance. The MBU holds a stable value based on the underlying value of the buildings it creates.

The members’ premium is a set percentage of gain from the purchase price, to the sale price of a block on the Block Exchange. Each time a block is sold and replaced is called a “rollover”. The frequency of these rollovers determines gains over time, while these are determined by demand. It is important to remember that Member trading volume has an upper limit, this trading volume is limited by the number of MPs held. Trading is enabled at a rate of one block (for purchase and sale) per one MP held. This is called the membership level. A thousand blocks build a family home for 6. This would require 1000 MPs to be able to trade this home in one transaction. Rates of growth are therefore largely dependent on Membership levels. The physical limits on block production/delivery govern the number of MPs that can be issued. Too many MPs and the waiting list becomes too long, too few and the availability of housing is further restricted. This is not an artificial scarcity.

Standard Block Dimensions are used in the drag and drop building design interface to create unique designs. Open-sourced library of building designs is held in blockchains distributed ledger. Open-sourced architecture enables prospective owners to quickly create a desirable plan. Design feasibility is assured through building DaPP and UI preset parameters. Building design competitions assist to grow design library.

Since architecture follows system dimensions and function rules, engineering is already completed before building design begins. As new components are added to the Operating System, system capabilities grow to achieve new features, and each part is pre-engineered from the beginning. Efficiency and design specs are maintained throughout. Finite Element Engineering Specs are recorded on transparent distributed ledgers, enabling code compliance officials to easily reference the library of standardized specifications. This creates trust and streamlines the approvals process.

Construction is simplified with AECROS pre-manufactured block system components. All that is required for assembly is correct placement by the robotic assembly crane. After the structure is assembled according to plan, various subtrades install services to suit local building, plumbing, fire safety, and electrical codes. Some surprising features of AECROS are previously unknown bio-climatic and green energy features. Selective thermo-coupling of the walls, roof, and floors enables the energy in the form of heating and cooling to be transferred to desired zones to maximize energy efficiency and comfort. Block components enable interchangeable wall and floor finishes. Interior walls can be moved to new configurations, while kitchens and bathrooms can be relocated quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of work. Little to no waste is generated by these renovations. Additional services can be installed anywhere in the building at any point in the future, at low cost, and far less effort than in the present construction method. Changes to plans can be accommodated quickly and easily.

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