Block Members will be the drive for funding Auto-Construction allowing everyone to purchase a stake in this new global industry.

By purchasing a Member Placement (MP), owners will be able to benefit through buy/sell movement by demand and growth through the increasing Auto Construction building orders.



Auto-Construction is a new industry that seamlessly automates the end to end process of building property; From Real-Estate to Property Design through to all stages of Commercial and Residential construction.


Auto-Construction will incorporate revolutionary facilities to achieve greatness. This includes AECROS’ unique block designs or MBU’s (Monetized Building Units) which have been under development by engineers all over the globe since 2014. These MBU’s provide exterior to interior building properties including finishings, heating and electrical components, plumbing, and insulation in a single block achieving the highest contemporary standards today.

AECROS: Architecture. Engineering, Construction, Real Estate Operating System.


The ‘Block Fund’ will be created with the release of MBUs on an exchange. The Block Fund is the aggregate of all the Blocks owned by all members at any given time. This might be called the ‘Block Market Cap’ which will serve the demand from many industry sectors.
As the orders move from industry into the Block Market, blocks will rapidly be consumed. Auto-Construction manufacturers will work to replace blocks. This buy/sell movement is called ‘Inventory-Rollover’. Owners of MPs will become the beneficiaries of this inventory-rollover.


  • Built smart while reducing waste to provide homeownership access opportunities for those who cannot with an anticipated cost reduction of up to 60% in property development.Built strong and secure to provide shelter during natural disasters.Our contraction and materials work against climate change with system superiority, energy, and waste savings.We anticipate a 60% reduction in time-to-build all phases of a construction project.
  • Our planning includes the implementation of a zero-waste system for construction and energy recycling for data processing.
  • Our buildings provide green energy solar collection with new buildings.
  • Auto-Construction powered by AECROS supports the development of new green technologies to build a better future.
  • Auto-Construction powered by AECROS integrates intelligence for smart and secure homes for a better future.
  • Our buildings offer secure housing in high-risk hurricane zones. Everyone deserves to feel safe.
  • We aim to create and implement new and better methods, instead of placing more resources into a broken and wasteful system of traditional construction practices.
  • Auto-Construction powered by AECROS provides Eco-Friendly solutions throughout the entire building process.
  • Rapid construction of AECROS buildings will provide relief during natural catastrophes
  • AECROS technologies enables temporary buildings ideally suited for oil and gas sectors operating in remote locations


  • AECROS will consist of multiple areas which includes mass-production of MBU’s (Monetized Building Units)
  • Continuous robotic development to construct buildings remotely 24/7 in any environmental conditions.
  • A global-fleet management system for real-time monitoring of manufacturing, through to site delivery.
RECEIVE EXTRA BONUS when paying with crypto!

We are offering a limited opportunity to take part in the future of homebuilding. Limited Seed Round – Early Bird Incentive – Bonus Packages Apply.

Disclaimer text: The Block Members program is not an investment and expressly excludes citizens of USA, Canada, and Macedonia. Participants from USA, Canada, and Macedonia may only participate under specific exemption rules. Contact us to speak with legal representative. Investor inquiry email: [email protected].

Pay with Coinpayments

  • bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Lightcoin
Minimum Purchase $1000 / No Max on crypto purchases

BONUS POOL APPLIES based on Date of Whitelisting

Visa, Mastercard, AMEX

If you would like to pay for your Membership using a credit card, please follow the link below, which will take you to our partner site AECROS.IO where you will be able to process your membership using regular currency via a credit card.

Pay with Credit card

  • Visa
  • mastercard
  • amex
Purchase Limit $2000 Max

Waiting time up to 60 days for token deposits with credit card payment methods


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