All world industries rely upon shelter. Block Members can create, own and trade blocks (as seen in the video above). Reduced time, costs, materials and waste, there are no better economic drivers. To use these efficiencies to improve human lives is why Auto-Construction was conceived.

There is no better use case for Blockchain than to redefine and improve the human experience. To improve our standard of living in ways we never thought possible.

Welcome to the newest industry in the world.

Blockchain Integration

Technology integration assists in all areas of AEC & Real Estate, especially Finance

Trading on the Block Exchange DApp will enable Members with Placeholders to trade blocks (MBUs) and membership placeholders (MPs) on exchange.
Block Fund finances Land & Property development:
The “Block Fund” will be created with the release of MBUs on an exchange. The Block Fund is the aggregate of all the Blocks owned by all members at any given time. This might be called the ‘Block Market Cap’ which will serve the demand from many industry sectors. As the orders move from industry into the Block Market, blocks will rapidly be consumed. Auto-Construction manufacturers will work to replace blocks. This buy/sell movement is called ‘Inventory-Rollover’. While it cannot be exactly predicted how quickly this rollover will occur in the beginning, the tendency will be for increasing orders from Auto-Construction as the industry grows. Members will be the first to benefit from this demand.

The Coming Block Shortage

Large industry players are capable of consuming many billions of dollars worth of inventory upon discovery. There is no artificial scarcity required here, in fact purchasers are capable of consuming nearly any amount of inventory faster than Auto-Construction supply can rise to meet demand. We will ramp up production, but real world project scheduling and distances will naturally tend to slow progress. This creates a chronic shortage problem when supply cannot grow quickly enough to meet demand. How to solve this problem? Enter the Block Exchange. As members purchase and choose to roll over their inventory, the Block Exchange Fund will continue to grow and serve larger projects. This in turn creates more awareness and serves greater demand.

Help us implement positive change

Pre-emptive action for change, not simply reactive. Technology that helps the global housing shortage now and in the future will change the world for the better. Direct action through organized and funded efforts for lasting change.

  • Provide home ownership access opportunities for those who cannot.
  • Provide emergency shelters during disasters.
  • Work against climate change with system superiority, energy and waste savings.
  • Save forests from structural use in new construction.
  • Plant trees and create urban creature habitats within developments.
  • Implement a zero waste system for construction and energy recycling for data processing.
  • Provide green energy solar collection with new buildings.
  • High insulative values save energy with zero net and net positive buildings.
  • To support housing charities through cost reduction and through positive investment action on their behalf.
  • To create positive action trading accounts on the Block Exchange for these housing charities.
  • To encourage awareness and block exchange member and investor support of these causes.
  • To lower the costs these organizations incur in home construction.
  • Support the development of new green technologies now and in the future.
  • Human Safety and Life Prevent house fires in future Prevent accidental deaths
  • Provide hurricane housing in risk areas. Provide freeze safe housing in risk areas.
  • To create and implement new and better methods, instead of placing more resources into a broken and wasteful systems.

To change performance, change the DNA

The manual AEC & Real Estate industries are slow and inefficient. The keys to changing these multi trillion dollar industries are in a single block. To change the ubiquitous building unit is to change the foundations of the *AEC(R) industries. Change this DNA and the long cascading effects which ensue create previously unknown levels of speed, accuracy and efficiency while positively impacting the human and natural environments (no wood required, no waste). (M)MBU is born of advanced engineering and is the patented key to rapid, cost effective, high grade construction, enabling blockchain and other technological integration at its core, and thus is the beginning of Auto-Construction.

Unlimited Industry uses

The system can be implemented for every aspect of the AEC & Real Estate sectors

Market of more than $11.4 Trillion

Construction expenditures are expected to reach 14 trillion U.S. dollars in 2025

Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockchain Infrastructure supports the core of AECROS

The Block Exchange (BEX) will supply Blocks from Members Holdings into the insurance sector, commercial construction, general residential and hurricane housing markets.

The BEX will bridge these areas into the fintech market. AECROS is the system that gets us there.



Minimum purchase = $100 USD.

Early adopters can participate in the auto-contruction industry for a minumum purchase of $100 worth of Membership Placeholders.

Release Begins

May 1st, 2020 (00:00 GMT)

Membership Placeholders for Sale



On Sale Completion

Tokens exchange rate

$100 USD = 1,000 MPs (Membership Placeholders) Stage 1 price = 10 cents per MP

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

100 USD = 1000 MPs

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
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Funding Distribution

  • System Development
  • Bounty and Overhead
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Legal and Financial Overhead
  • Team

Long Term Allocation

  • Production & Land Developments
  • Bounty and Overhead
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Legal and Financial Overhead
  • Team

The Timeline

Auto-Construction & Blockmembers Rewards Program


Background Research

2014 - Present

Robotics Software System Development


System Concept


Design and Consulting


Engineering and Patenting


Architecture / Civil Engineering / Development


Membership Program


Membership Sale


Open Block Exchange DApp


Design Program Software Integration


Robotic Builder Drone Site Test


Housing Availability for Members


Lillium Electric Jet Contracts Open


IPO & Franchising


Download the whitepaper and learn about the fundamentals of AECROS & Auto-Construction

Key Players

Our Team

Glen Stevenson
Construction Management Consultant
Hrant Petrosyan
Graphic Designer
UI/UX Designer
Michael Morton
FinTech Manager
Govind Jangid
Blockchain Developer
Rory J Mullin
Web & Dev Advisor
Administration / Human Resources
Aamer Jarg
Data Analysis, Business Development
Laeq Anwar
Samuel Oladosu
Community Manager, Social
Mahfuzur Rahman
Digital Marketer
Aimal Abbas
Marketer & Strategy Officer
Kenton Benoit
Marketing & Crypto Trader
David Hermawan
Designer and Marketing
Nikita Galushevsky
Financial Manager
Willem Pacardo
Chief of Business Development SEA Region
Milan Novakovic
Mechanical engineer
Milos Milisavljevic
Mechanical Engineer
Marc Nicholson
Chief Sales Offier
Kurt Gerwitz
Business Development, Investor Relations
Mofoluwasho Fashina
Community/Bounty Manager
Gideon Udoh
Community Management & Influencer Marketing
Vladimir DENIS
Co-Founder of the Crypto Intelligence Agency
Yehia Tarek
Blockchain Specialist/Developer
Richard Scott
Construction & Mechanics
Abegail Dejanio
Data Researcher
kechukwu Eberendu
Community management and project advisor
David Ellis
Clinton Balogun
Customer support representative
Benjie Pagayon
Blockchain/Crypto analyst
Whiz Horlar
Community manager
Joan Kii
Head of Community Development Indonesia
Dell Jensen
Crypto Mining
Anand Umraniya
Digital Marketing Consultant
Mohammad Shakil
Listing manager/advisor
Daniel Aguas
John Rey Parana
Social/Community Manager
Md. Monir Hossain
Community Manager
Sahaj Sai
Growth Marketing
Muhammad Talha Ijaz
Adrian Niculescu
Marketing and Business Development Adviser
Kamal Narang
Digital Marketing
Shyam Rajput Thakur
Community Manager cum listing advisor
Daryl Flores
Community/bounty/Social media manager
Diane Girard
Management Training Programs‎ & organizational structure
Sung Park
Business Development
Vanessa Liaging
Graphic Artisy
Jamal Aezaz
Digital Marketing
Vladimir Milisavljevic
Master of Technical Science
Janus Weng
Operational Specialist

The Advisory board

Sean Genung
Board Advisor
Tyler Ostern
Stefane B
Drone Development

Frequently Asked Questions


Standard Block Dimensions are used in the drag and drop building design interface to create unique designs. Open sourced library of building designs is held in blockchains distributed ledger. Open sourced architecture enables prospective owners to quickly create a desirable plan. Design feasibility is assured through building DaPP and UI preset parameters. Building design competitions assist to grow design library


Since architecture follows system dimensions and function rules, engineering is already completed before building design begins. As new components are added to Operating System, system capabilities grow to achieve new features, and each part is pre-engineered at the start. Efficiency and design specs are maintained throughout. Finite Element Engineering Specs are recorded on transparent distributed ledgers, enabling code compliance officials to easily reference the library of standardized specifications. This creates trust and streamlines approvals process.


Construction is simplified with AECROS pre-manufactured block system components. All that is required for assembly is correct placement by the robotic assembly crane. After the structure is assembled according to plan, various subtrades install services to suit local building, plumbing, fire safety, and electrical codes. Some surprising features of AECROS are previously unknown bio-climatic and green energy features. Selective thermo-coupling of the walls, roof and floors enables energy in the form of heating and cooling to be transferred to desired zones to maximize energy efficiency and comfort. Block components enable interchangeable wall and floor finishes. Interior walls can be moved to new configurations, while kitchens and bathrooms can be relocated quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of work. Little to no waste is generated by these renovations. Additional services can be installed anywhere in the building at any point in the future, at low cost and far less effort than in the present construction method. Changes to plans can be accommodated quickly and easily.

Real Estate

Rapid low cost financing, low maintenance and high levels of comfort and security. Homes have higher levels of technological features and precise finishings. Details which before would be reasons not to purchase a home, can now be simply changed before or after purchase. Many owners can design their own homes. Time from design to occupancy is greatly reduced, and overall expenses including time and waste are also reduced to previously unknown levels of efficiency. Homes can be designed with features such as rooftop pools, in home gardens, smart data networks, water features, digital walls, and lighting features can offer new levels of modern construction. This is the beginning of a new era of design, energy efficiency and housing security. Distributed ledger technology is well positioned to disrupt the real estate industry in contracts, designs, sales transactions and building management, to name a few.

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What is an MP? A tokenized membership.

A Membership Placeholder is a tokenized membership to access the auto construction ecosystem. This accesses trade, home ownership, project construction and finance, distributed data and power distribution networks within the network. As the network grows through project developments, the Membership value becomes more apparent. Only members will be able to access the homes and business opportunities for the foreseeable future. This is dictated by massive housing and construction demand. No matter how large the supply grows, existing demand is too large to satisfy anytime soon.

What is the MBU? The Monetized/Modular Building Unit.

MBU is a physical block with a smart contract on the block chain. The digital twin aspect is for architectural design software and the engineering design library. The block enables AECROS to streamline and integrate all these areasphysically and digitally. The consistent, predictable nature of the MBU enables it to: be utilized in design stage/monetized and traded on exchange/ enable robotic handling on site. This is how AECROS automates construction and finance. The MBU holds a stable value based on the underlying value of the buildings it creates. This value is enhanced through additional benefits ofcost/time/materials savings and efficiencies throughout AEC&R

What is the 10% Members Premium?

The members premium is a set percentage of gain from the purchase price, to the sale price of a block on the Block Exchange. Each time a block is sold and replaced is called a “rollover”. The frequency of these rollovers determines gains over time, while these are determined by demand. It is important to remember that Member trading volume has an upper limit, this trading volume is limited by the number of MPs held. Trading is enabled at a rate of one block (for purchase and sale) per one MP held. This is called the membership level. A thousand blocks builds a family home for 6. This would require 1000 MPs to be able to trade this home in one transaction. Rates of growth are therefore largely dependent on Membership levels. The physical limits on block production/delivery govern the number of MPs that can be issued. Too many MPs and the waiting list becomes too long, too few and availability of housing is further restricted. This is not artificial scarcity.

What is the Block Exchange DaPP ?

The Block Exchange is a Decentralized Block trading platform designed to allow members to trade. Members can build holdings until they achieve desired buildings, and may take delivery of these building units and buildingsin future. It is imagined that a majority of these buildings will be homes, but almost any conceivable building may be built.

Global Housing Shortage

Studies say that the world needs 2 Billion homes over the next 80 years. This is approximately 25 million homes per year, or $2.5 trillion per year at an average cost of 100K per home. This is only residential and does not include recreational, commercial, or industrial demand. To compare 10,000 homes per year (or even per day) is no contest against this demand. To satisfy global housing demand the housing industry would need to build a home almost every 1.26 seconds while a SQUIRL drone could only build one home about every five days.

What are some benefits for Block Exchange Members?

Block Trading and accumulation into buildings.Gradual ownership or outright ownership of homes and buildings.General project financing and in the future, Peer to Peer lending and trade.Housing Relief, Disaster Relief and Reparations Re-Usable Structures may be relocated at low cost.Exchange Inventory (Block Member Holdings) supplies world demand.

What kind of projects will auto construction undertake?

Residential Communities, Recreational Properties, Commercial Developments, Energy and Industrial Sector Developments, Civil Projects, Recovery projects and Humanitarian Projects.

Where are we headed?

We have embarked on a journey to change a 11.4 Trillion per year industry which is estimated to be wasting over 1.2 Trillion annually in materials and labor. We will continue to develop and improve our systems and to endeavor to make safe, affordable, high quality housing available for everyone.

Step 1

Sign up on the Whitelist

Step 2

- On Sale Day you will receive an email notification - Buy blocks and equivalent or greater value of MPs * Min Investment: 1 Block + 5,000 MPs = 1,000 USD: No Max

Step 3

Trade or Hold MPs *You will be notified when MPs are listed on various exchanges

Step 4

Trade or hold blocks and MPs on block exchange * You will notified when block exchange opens - Accrue value until home is achieved

Step 5

Choose a home * You will be notified as new development locations become available

Achieving the Goal

AECR Operating System is revolutionizing world construction and its support industries. This capability is not to be taken for granted. Our goal is to utilize these new technologies to enable people to access home ownership and secure their future in ways that were not possible before. We have already achieved the breakthroughs necessary to carry out all critical system operations. We call these “engineering walls” and since early 2019 the Walls are BROKEN DOWNand none are left to stand in our way. (Many High Fives!) Our ongoing development program will now continue to add new technological advancements to the AECR OS for many years to come. We expect our various technical teams to grow for the foreseeable future.

Early Adopters

Blockchain enthusiasts are by definition early adopters, the brave and the bold next generation of investors, technologists and entrepreneurs. As such they take a larger share of risk and also stand to reap a greater share in the rewards of these new innovations and the industries they create. It is our belief that everyone deserves to own a home, and this begins with early adopters. In recent times, owning a home has become challenging and is even out of reach for many. Even those who do acquire homes have often notfully paid for them, and thus do not truly own them. New home purchasers often shoulder large debt loads against their homes for many years. AECROS can help to change this. We imagine that lower debt loads and finer homes can create happier people

Value & Stability

In the blockchain industry, it is still challenging to find a way to convert gainsinto something as stable as real estate. Often it is difficult to even find these gains in the first place. Mechanisms within AECROS are being created to enable steady and reliable opportunities through regular, repeatable (and simple) exchange of value. These are subtle but important distinctions. Loyalty is one thing projects sometimes lack, but at AECROS, we believe in benefitting the very supporters who help along the way. This will create the most robust ecosystem for the long term Auto Construction industry.


Until now, only exclusive, well financed builders, developers and/or investment firms could access wholesale real estate (land and buildings) and determine their own designs. In fact, AECROS offers even more value through new capabilities that the world does not have access to. With AECROS, our wider community and team now includes the finest civil and mechanical engineers, system architects, fintech developers, real estate experts, operations veterans, building professionals and a great many others. We are creating and then utilizing the most advanced building (AECR)operating system the world has to offer. All this, to benefit our community, and the world at large. This is the beginning of a new global adventure. Welcome to AECROS.


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